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Parish Meeting

A Parish Meeting is a meeting of the local government electors registered for the parish, called and chaired by the Parish Council Chairman where one exists; it must hold an Annual Parish Meeting between 1st March and 1st June, and where no parish council exists, at least on one other occasion.  The quorum is two unless a document has to be executed then it is three.  All present may participate in all the proceedings alongside any parish councillors present, and anyone can make proposals to be put to a vote**.  

** Most resolutions of a Parish Meeting are not binding on the Parish Council.

The meeting may call for a poll on any relevant question and a poll must be held if ten or one third of electors present insist or the person presiding at the meeting consents.  The poll wording must be determined before the end of the meeting, the Chairman must then notify the District Council who proceed to enact the poll in a similar fashion to a by-election.  The Parish Council have a duty to cover the costs of Parish Meetings.