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The Council is made up of eleven Parish Councillors and is supported by a number of District and County Councillors (see ‘Councillors’ page for details).

Full Council meetings are held monthly and, in addition, the planning sub-committee may meet at other times. All Council meetings are open to the pubic and details of meeting and agendas are displayed on the Parish Notice Board. All Council documents are in the public domain - some of which can be access through other pages on this site.

It is also the intention of the Council to place forthcoming agendas on this web site. However, should at any time there be an apparent difference between the information on the notice boards and this web site, then the notice boards take precedence.

At certain times in the year other information is specifically displayed and this too will be detailed on this web site. For example a period is determined each year by District Audit when the detailed accounts of the Council are available for inspection. This period will be detailed on this site as well as the Parish notice board(s). See ‘Audit’ page for more detail.
The Council