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Complaints Procedure
Tawstock Parish Council prides itself on conducting itself and the business it transacts in a fair and open way. Councillors seek to avoid party politics and to work together with the community, for the community.

It is open at all times to comments and suggestions from the electorate to whom it is responsible and hopes that any resident who is concerned about matters within the Parish, or how they are being dealt with by the Council, will make contact with either the Clerk or the Chairman so that explanations can be given and problems resolved.

However, in any organisation things can go wrong from time to time or actions and policies misunderstood. To cater for this possibility the Council has developed a Complaints Procedure to ensure that where it appears that there is an issue to be resolved, it can be done so in a fair, open and ordered way. The details of the Council’s Complaints Procedure can, therefore, be accessed and/or downloaded by clicking here.

The Council’s insurers are:- Zurich Municipal, mojhelpline@uk.zurich.com