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Bee Keeping and Research
Most people, especially those involved in agriculture, horticulture or who are keen gardeners, will have heard of the concerns about the diminishing numbers of honey bees. Not only are bees a vital link in much of our food production, but their life history as individual bees and as colonies is a fascinating study.

It is, therefore, a real privilege that within this parish key research is taking place, known as the Instrumented Hive Project (IHP), as well as the instigation of a club to which all are welcome

All the activity is based around Harracott Village Hall with a scientific base located at St Michael’s School. There are also social activities, crafts etc. which also take place at Harracott on a Tuesday afternoon and some evenings.

For further information click here to contact Dave James, the leader of the project or for an information leaflet (in PDF format) click here.