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The Freedom of Information Act
The Government has recently extended the Freedom of Information Act to make it easier for members of the public to gain access to documents and decision making processes of public bodies such as local Councils.

Tawstock Parish Council has for a long time been at the forefront of this open access, in particular the Council has done the following specifics:

Developed a website, which you are now looking at, with most information relating to the day to day operation of the Council fully and freely available.

Publishes a quarterly Newsletter with updates on Council activities and local community events.

Services some six noticeboards within the Parish and, whenever possible, puts notices of all meetings on all of them, whereas the law only requires a Council to display such items on one board.

Is now in the process of preparing a Parish Plan - the preparation for which has not only been open to all sections of the community but will also seek the views of all residents to produce a real community plan.

Is now expanding the website to provide links to those formal, national and legal documents under which framework the Council operates