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The Churchyard surrounding St Peter’s Church became full some years ago and is now considered closed.

The Parish Council realising the need to make available a new Burial Ground looked to obtaining land close to the Church and set up a new area for Burials. The land for the current Burial Ground was in fact kindly given by Cllr Frank Thorne and his late wife. It is a wonderfully peaceful setting and is comforting at a time of sadness knowing that loved ones will be laid to rest in that setting.

The main part of the area is allocated to graves for Burial and is consecrated ground according to the Christian Faith. There is an area at one end for the spreading of ashes after cremation and an unconsecrated plot at the other end for any who do not wish to be buried according to the rites of the Christian Faith.

In order to maintain the ground in a state that relatives of the deceased would like, the Council has put in place a contract for its maintenance to a high standard and a set of rules to ensure decency and dignity as would be expected. Charges depend to some extent upon whether the deceased was a resident of the Parish, age of the deceased, etc.

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Current Burial Ground charges (Last Reviewed: 28/03/18 180328/9.4)

The Burial Ground